Enhancing the symbiosis between HPC and RSE communities, 16th May 2024, ISC, Hamburg


Communities grow and develop, in part, due to the training, career paths and outreach that they provide. But communities seem to exist at many different levels even when they share commonalities. For instance, High Performance Computing (HPC) specialisation is often a relatively distinct subgrouping within the wider Research Software Engineering (RSE) community. Similarly, RSE can also be considered a distinct subgroup within the wider HPC community. In different countries, this can lead to different ways of sharing expertise and experience between the general RSE and HPC groups.

In this workshop we will explore the characteristics and approaches to this sharing, in order to understand the lessons that can be learned so that both groups can mutually benefit from each other.

We will hear from individuals who have established roles in HPC and RSE communities as well as speakers who are new to the RSE/HPC community. The workshop will be concluded with a panel discussion on diversity, career paths, training opportunities and the dynamic relationship between RSE and HPC communities.

The inaugural RSEHPC@ISC24 will be held in-person on 16th May 2024 in Hamburg.

We are delighted to announce that Fernanda Foertter and Mthetho Sovara agreed to be our keynote speakers.

Talk submissions

To present a talk at RSEHPC@ISC24 use the form on the Talk submission page. RSEHPC@ISC24 will emphasise an open and inclusive atmosphere and we encourage proposals from a diverse range of areas and backgrounds.

The deadline for submissions is 29 Feb 2024.

Organising committee

Code of conduct

As an ISC co-located workshop we follow ISC’s code of conduct, which can be found at