Samantha Wittke

Samantha Wittke joined CSC - IT centre for science Ltd (Finland) in 2021 as a geoinformatics specialist and has a background in Geoecology and Geoinformation technology. She has been part of the CodeRefinery project since 2019, teaching best practices of FAIR research software development and organising workshops around the topic. CodeRefinery has been developing new ways of international collaborative teaching and lesson material preparation since 2016. Since 2022, she is also a board member of Nordic-RSE association and an active member of the RSE community. At CSC she is organising events, workshops and training on spatial data science and HPC, while currently also working on her PhD at Aalto University and the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute on the topic of applications of remote sensing time series.

Talks at this conference:
 15:15 CodeRefinery - my pathway into Research Software Engineering ! Live