Bridging Continents - My Journey from African Aerospace to Worldwide Research

Samuel Mathekga

at  17:10 ! Livein  for  10min

I will share my transformative journey from an aeronautical engineer to a research support scientist amidst the global shift caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. With over five years of experience in the aeronautical industry, the pandemic prompted a period of self-reflection, leading me to explore and ultimately pivot to a career that not only leveraged my existing skill set but also introduced me to the intriguing world of scientific research. Over the past eighteen months, I’ve navigated through various challenges and successes, acquiring new skills and insights along the way. This presentation will offer practical advice, dos and don’ts, and resources for those considering or currently undergoing a career transition. I will highlight both the rewarding and the challenging aspects of my role, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and sharing knowledge. Moreover, I will provide a unique perspective on this journey from an African/South African context, aiming to inspire and guide others through their own career pathways.

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