UNIVERSE-HPC - Defining MSc programme for RSEs in HPC

Weronika Filinger

at  15:25 ! Livein  for  10min

The UNIVERSE-HPC project, funded as part of the ExCALIBUR programme, brings together the universities of Edinburgh, Southampton, Oxford and Imperial College London to explore the training needs of the RSE community. The team are specifically looking to better understand the training challenges in the High Performance Computing and exascale space and working to develop pathways that are applicable to learners at a range of different skill levels. Alongside the pathways, we are capturing details of a variety of existing open source training material and filling in gaps by developing our own materials to propose a training framework that will outline multiple pathways into RSEng and HPC.

The focus of this presentation is the first draft of the curriculum for a master level programme for RSEs specialising in HPC or Data Science. The proposal includes descriptions and learning objectives of over 30 courses, covering both the essential and specialist skills in the areas of Data Science, HPC, Computational Research and Research Software Engineering. We also categorise them into core, recommended and optional courses, map how they fit together, and define their pre- and co-requisites. The goal of this presentation is to gather community feedback on the two proposed tracks - RSE for HPC modelling and simulation, and RSE for large scale Data Science.

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